What's Inside

by Raccoon Eyes

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Miggy Hawes has been playing music under the name Raccoon Eyes for a few years. This is a collection of songs he thinks best represents his current live set. Some are new, some are old. Honest lyrics and dusty guitars.


released April 1, 2014

Raccoon Eyes is: Guitar/Vocals - Miggy Hawes

Produced, mixed, mastered and engineered by Tyler Johnson at Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver, BC.

Album artwork by Stephanie Lee Schneider.

Special thanks to Oh No! Yoko because without them I might never have gotten around to making this album.



all rights reserved


Raccoon Eyes Vancouver, British Columbia


Vancouver's most controversial grunge-folk band

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Track Name: Have Been/Was Not
I was not the son of a sunny November.
Trying to find the life only my parents remember.
This laziness won't kill you but it'll stop you in your tracks.
I see my life and where I've been. And everything it lacks.

I'm not going back.

Have been.
Was not.
Track Name: Don't Let Go
Patience grows thin and I'm as thick as your skin
So make an incision and let me in
But she don't let go all of the people I know

You never go against the grain, you'd struggle like a worm against the rain.
Still she don't let go

Make an incision and let me in
Again and again and again

Your sticky fingers, how the feelings always lingers

I'm still a little boy on a roadtrip down south, please bring the lighter to my mouth

I was bitten by fire ants at the foot of her grave, perhaps it was then and there I was finally saved

Still she don't let go of all the people I know
Track Name: Been a Slave
Have you ever been a slave?
Shoes undone and bed not made
Creeping crawling excuses made
Safe for another day

Do you question what remains?
He combs his hair, you're such a pain
It's a burning coal inside
The smoke (your breath) is hers to try

Loss can leave you something
Thirteen miles back to the breast for nothing
Burning palms, crooked wrists
The bells don't stop
The children raise their hands

Can't escape your own reflection
Cards stacked in all the same direction
Track Name: Now It's Buried
Have you ever been this cold to the touch?
He's in shock, just a crutch
No you ever needed something that you didn't want this much?
You seem troubled by my touch and my love's up North
So you move to the East
Is it missing?
Not around?
Have you gone and lost something that can't be found?

I'm a pair of eyes and a print in the ground
When I'm gone comes the water all in and around
It fills up deep like a tree
Inside is a small scared reflection of me

I've never known life without a measure of doubt
Tongue like a knife
Another silent shout

You could be my train to heaven
My evening out
You could always climb so high but now i'm coming down

We found it in the forest, now it's buried in a field
Your God is only questions
Now who's in shock?
Track Name: Taking Off the Mask
Someday we'll touch the same money
And we'll breathe the same air
No, I haven't been and I can't go there

Well I will if I let me (I'm a man)
It's only lately though that I do what I can

I've got my own place, I see it in dreams
Maybe you're there too and we can both keep clean

I leave this trail of matchsticks and bottle caps
and a raccoon's tail

I'm taking off the mask